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2013 NFL mock draft: Pick two!

One round of the playoffs complete, it's time to reflect on the possibilites awaiting the St. Louis Rams come April.


It's Monday. Wild Card weekend is over, and we know which two spots the St. Louis Rams will have in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Rams had the 16th pick by virtue of their 7-8-1 finish this season and the strength of schedule. Washington's loss to Seattle this week gives St. Louis the 22nd pick in the draft, received in the swap for the second overall pick last year.

Mocking the Draft has a new mock draft out this morning. Here's what they have for the Rams.

16. St. Louis Rams - Chance Warmack, Guard, Alabama

The Rams are taking steps in the right direction. The offensive line needs to start progressing if the team is going to continue to maneuver its way through a tough NFC West. Chance Warmack is a mauler on the inside. He's a rare guard prospect, making him worthy of consideration in the middle of the first round.

For all the talk about Steven Jackson, this pick would give the Rams some flexibility on that front. A better offensive line ups the likelihood of better, consistent production from second-year running backs Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson. If the Rams can save the $8.9 million Jackson's due, they can add elsewhere on the roster.

22. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) - Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Central Michigan

The Rams offensive line issues can't be solved with one first round pick. Using both picks on the offensive line would be a wise investment. Eric Fisher is a technically sound lineman who has flashed athleticism and has the ability to anchor on the left side. The Rams could solidify the offensive line with Warmack and Fisher.

Ok, so this draft looks awfully familiar from the last one. I'm still not convinced that the Rams will be taking two offensive linemen in the draft, in the first round anyway. Safety is going to be an increasingly important position in the league with the rise of the pistol offense, and St. Louis is going to see Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick twice a year. They need a major upgrade in the secondary at the free safety spot. Matt Daniels, Darian Stewart ... those two look like they could be solid contributors, but those guys aren't blue chip prospects.

If it comes down to a choice between offensive linemen, either inside or outside would work. It's clear that this team believes they can coach up players, so look for linemen to get looks on day two or three.