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NFL playoff schedule 2013: Seahawks, 49ers represent the NFC West next week

Will the Rams be in the mix next year?

Otto Greule Jr

The NFC West is well represented in the playoffs this year. The Seattle Seahawks beat the Washington Redskins on Sunday to advance to the divisional round and a date with the Atlanta Falcons next weekend. The San Francisco 49ers had a bye week, and will play the Green Bay Packers next week. This is not the same NFC West that once sent a 7-9 division winner to the postseason just two years ago.

For us here at TST, the question is how the St. Louis Rams fit into the picture in the division. The short answer is: very nicely.

The Rams lost once in the division this year, to the Seahawks in Week 17, and St. Louis played very well in that game, making it far closer than most thought it would be.

Both the Seahawks and the 49ers are a little further along than the Rams are, at this point. However, given how well Jeff Fisher and his team played the division this year, a little more experience and another good draft should put St. Louis in the mix for a division title next year.

Thoughts? Have I allowed some blatant homerism to get to me?