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Ode to 2013: Visions of Lombardi

In days of old, passion was penned; today it's typed, then sent round the world with no end.

In the near future.........
In the near future.........
Scott Halleran

The St. Louis Rams, oh team that I love, you went from Super Bowl Champs, to down in the dumps.

A new coach you did hire, and a new GM too, in search of a ring, one earned on the grid-iron.

The Fish he did come, and lay down the law, the roster he purged, and he kept only some.

A new OC he did bring, one embattled in NY, but here in the Lou, his game plan did ring.

Draft picks were the talk of the town, Snead did break convention, and earned two in the first rounds.

Brockers was the first off the board, the big man in the middle, our defense was assured.

Many more would follow, some good and some bad, fans were left elated and some feeling hollow.

The season played out better than expected, many had their doubts, but now the Rams are respected.

The Seahawks had to fight, the 49ers they did topple, the Cardinals they did sack nine times on Thursday night.

Now a season has passed, the new regime a success, the offense still needs tweaks, the defense is never gassed.

A coordinator and a LB coach the team must procure, an aggressive search will take place, good hires are assured.

The talent search begins, the Draft will come and go, the team will pick well I'm sure, and be stronger in the end.

Oh next season will be glorious and fun, a stronger offensive line of course, through which Steven and DRich will run.

Sam will have a more seasoned corps, supplemented by n00bs, the offense will be knocking on the playoff door.

The defense will shut down the run, meeting at the quarterback, for a sack lunch.

The anticipation is already building, fans miss the season, which was oh so fulfilling.

But fear not Rams fans, the off-season is upon us, and the front office, is doing everything they can.

The playoffs is the goal next year, not just a winning record, but a trophy followed by many beers.

Lombardi awaits, each team aspires to, but the St. Louis Rams, are the ones we want to have that fate.

So cheer on the team, through the off-season and beyond, and within a season or two, we could be living the dream.