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NFL Playoffs - Late Game Thread: Green Bay Packers Vs. Minnesota Vikings

It has to be strange playing the same team the very next week. That's what will be happening in Green Bay, when the Packers and Viking play for the third time this season. last week, the Vikings won on a strong performance by Adrian Peterson. Can he do it again?


The Vikings fought their way into the playoffs with a 37-34 win at Lambeau Field last week. The NFL playoff format being a fickled beast, the two teams must face each other again in the opening week of the post season. The game starts at 8pm ET in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I wonder if the Vikings even checked out of their hotel?

Adrian Peterson will be the key player he's been all year for a long shot Minnesota team. Quarterback Christian Ponder has been declared inactive for the game due to an elbow injury. Joe Webb will get the start, and he hasn't thrown a pass this season. I wonder if it matters who hands the ball to Peterson?

Aaron Rodgers and Co. are a shadow of what they were last season. Their offense has had key injuries to its wide receiver corps, but the return of Greg Jennings has helped to re-ignite their passing game. The Packers defense is another matter. They've struggled against the run (NFL rank: #16), and their pass defense is even worse (NFL Rank: #22). Rodgers' troubles can most likely be traced back to his being sacked a league high 51 times... 51! No, really! The Packers offensive line woes should continue against a blitz crazy Vikings defense.

This game should be fun to watch, and high scoring to boot! Enjoy the game!