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2013 NFL Draft: Cotton Bowl prospect notes, game thread

Johnny Football! Also, you might see some future Rams players in Friday night's game.


Johnny Football. What else do you need to know about tonight's Cotton Bowl?

Okay, there's more to it than just that. There also happens to be a heaping helping of 2013 NFL Draft prospects in the game. The one Rams fans know well is A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, but since St. Louis has the 16th pick in the draft, they will be picking far too late to land the top offensive lineman in this year's draft.

Not to worry, there are plenty more to be had, some are playing in this very game. You can find a list of all the prospects in ...

3k's stupendous draft prospect tracker, which you can download for your very own right here.

Another name to keep your eye on in this game is Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson. Not sure if he's coming out this year, but if he does, it's a player the Rams would be wise to take a look at with a second-round pick.

Mocking the Draft has more prospects to watch tonight.

Read more about the incredible Johnny Football right here. He's only a freshman, so if this whole Bradford thing doesn't work out ... I'm just kidding, cool your damn jets.