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Which Player Has Performed Against All The Odds This Season?

There have been some great stories this NFL season. From Chuck Pagano's battle with cancer, to Peyton Manning's fused neck and move to Denver, this has been an interesting year. Adrian Peterson's recovery from knee surgery, to almost breaking Eric Dickerson's rushing record, is a heck of a story too. What's the biggest story line for the St. Louis Rams this season? It could be Jeff Fisher's arrival in St. Louis, but let's focus on players for the moment...


Gillette's "No Debate" site has asked some interesting questions this season. This one may be the toughest to decide at the team level. The Rams have a few interesting tales from their 2012 NFL campaign. The biggest surprise on their roster has to be the rise of seventh round draft pick Daryl Richardson. The running back out of Abilene Christian University was the second to last player chosen in the 2012 NFL draft.

Richardson earned the #2 running back position after a strong training camp and preseason. Lightning fast to the hole, he broke a few long runs early in the season. Some think he's a one dimensional back, but not me. This kid will expand his game. When the Rams revamped Steven Jackson's contract in September of 2012, I can't help but think Richardson had something to do with it. He's a long way from being a Jackson, but you have to like what you've seen thus far.

Chris Givens surprised me, but I'll put that down to all the Rams drafts in the past yielding little. Givens went on a tear with 50+ yard catches in five straight games. He took over the primary receiving duties for Danny Amendola when he went down with an injury. Givens also will hold a special place in the hearts of San Francisco 49ers fans too. He and Janoris Jenkins running stadium stairs an hour and a half before the game due to violating team rules must have been a sight to see. How they weren't captured in a picture for all to see - in this day and age of everyone photographing EVERYTHING - is amazing.

How many were dismayed when the Rams acquired Wayne Hunter and Barry Richardson? In 2011, these two offensive tackles were rated the worst in the NFL. Say what you want, but in a season marred by injuries to the offensive line, they filled in well. Hunter was the most impressive of the two, to me anyway. He'd spent his entire NFL career underachieving at right tackle. So when he came to the Rams, and shifted to LEFT tackle, I groaned. Shock of shocks, Hunter performed well in his new role.

So tell me which player for the Rams you think performed against all odds this season? Make sure to visit Gillette's site to see what other NFL fans think.