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Who on the Rams is elite? No one.

The St. Louis Rams need elite talent. Who on the Rams is a top 5 player at their position? Who on the Rams can take over a game? I think the answer to both of those questions is no one.


The St. Louis Rams lack elite talent. To make matters worse, they lack top level talent in a division containing no shortage.

Who, on either side of the ball, do opposing teams fear? Steven Jackson's days as a takeover-a-game back are over. Sure, Danny Amendola catches a ton of passes, but is he scary? I think not. Sam Bradford certainly hasn't proven to be elite. On defense, some may say Chris Long is elite. I would say Chris Long is very good, but can't be grouped with the likes of Jason Pierre-Paul, Jared Allen, Von Miller, J.J. Watt, or Aldon Smith. I could keep go on and on, but my stance would remain the same - the Rams lack a dynamic playmaker.

Within the frame of this argument, I also came to the conclusion, the Rams have a few players who have the ability to develop into a dynamic playmaker. However, the Rams also have players who have lodged themselves firmly in the grasp of mediocrity.

This off-season Jeff Fisher and Les Snead will have to determine where they want to improve and where they feel solid.

The Rams have zero elite playmakers, but they have a few who have the propensity to become one.

Potentially Elite Playmakers:

  • Robert Quinn
  • Chris Long
  • Janoris Jenkins
  • Chris Givens
  • Michael Brockers

Outside of this group of players, I don't believe the Rams have any potentially game-changing type of talent. And while I believe these players have the potential to be top-level talent, they are not there yet.

When compared to the teams within the division, the Rams lack of explosive talent is magnified. Michael Schottey, of The Bleacher Report, recently ranked the NFL's top 50 players of 2012. These are the players who made it from the NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers:

Justin Smith

Joe Staley

Aldon Smith

Patrick Willis

Seattle Seahawks:

Russell Wilson

Marshawn Lynch

Richard Sherman

Arizona Cardinals:

Daryl Washington

Calais Campbell

St. Louis Rams:


I have no doubt some of these will be contested and some people that were left off will be contested.

The Rams have the basis for a good team, and yes, the Rams defeated each one of these teams in the 2012 season, but the Rams are behind them when it comes to top level talent.

Mediocre talent leads to a mediocre record. The Rams need game-changers.