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Random Ramsdom for Friday 1/4/2013: Offseason Blues, Milkshakes and Moth Balls

The best part of waking up, is Random Ramsdom on your screen. Click on for various what-nots and what-ifs.

Kevin Casey


Happy Happy New Year!

Our baby is growing up! Much like the little infant you bring home from the hospital, our team was floundering and helpless. For many years the St. Louis Rams were virtually a non-factor in the National Football League. But again, much like a baby that eventually becomes a bumbling toddler and then a pint sized little risk taker, the team has shed its cumbersome special shoes and is grown-up enough to put on a full size set of cleats. Our baby is an adolescent, raring to get behind the wheel and earn its drivers license. The gangly teenager started out the season with low expectations, but great ambition.

The youngest team in the NFL grew by leaps and bounds this year. The most optimistic among us predicted the team would reach as high as 10 wins, while the antagonistic prognosticators called for five to six wins as our ceiling. Here's my answer from a round table question during the preseason: How many games will the Rams win? -The Rams will have wins against, Washington, Seattle, Arizona (twice), San Francisco, New York, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay. 8-8 on the year will be a great finish for the bottom of the barrel Rams. Granted, the wins may not have panned out exactly as I put it, but I got pretty darn close. It's too early for me to put down solid predictions for the upcoming season, but for now I'll go down as saying we will get at least 10 wins.

Ram News:

Get juiced up on some 2013 NFL draft prospects over at Ramblin Fan. The man from down under, David Barber covers a few worthy draft choices. As he says, these aren't exactly Ram worthy prospects.

Offseason Perfection
Hey, the guys over at Bleacher Report have it figured out. Somebody from the Ram's FO call these guys up and get things moving. I love arm-chair quarterbacking the FO.

Daryl Richardson- The Little Engine That Could
Personally, I will go so far as to say that Daryl Richardson was the find of the draft besides the Seattle Seahawk's Russel Wilson. No, he hasn't been featured yet, but this guys is like a bowling ball in a china shop. He picks his hole and hits it. Together with Isaiah Pead they will "spell" the future of St. Louis Ram running backs.

Blake Williams Says Adios!
You probably heard it here first, but in case you slept through the week, both Blake and Gregg are gone from the Ram's sidelines. I have much faith that Jeff Fisher will find the right guys to replace both.


Watch Your Kids Folks
Nothing is sacred anymore, not even a nice, thick, delicious milkshake! What is the world coming to?

Think Before You Fill Out That Wedding or Engagement Announcement
Seriously folks. Seriously.

Today in History:

1493- Columbus left the the New World after 1st voyage.
1847- Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the United States government.
1863- 4 wheeled roller skates patented by James Plimpton of NY
1920- 1st Black baseball league, National Negro Baseball League, organizes
1957- Dodgers buy 44 passenger twin-engine airplane for $775,000
1970- KC Chiefs beat Oakland Raiders 17-7 in AFC championship game. Minnesota Vikings beat Cleveland Browns 27-7 in NFC championship game
1999- Former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura is sworn in as governor of Minnesota.
2001- Rapper Vanilla Ice spends night in jail after allegedly ripping out some of his wife's hair during a row

Just Because I Can:

Bum Ba Bum Bum. Ba Ba Bum Bum Bum!

My Milkshake

 And finally, your weekly RATM (Skip to about 1:30)

Enjoy the Wilcard Weekend and Go Rams!