My draft outlook

I believe we should draft the best available guard at 16. Hopefully warmack, if not him then cooper. Eigther one is cant miss, and will be a stud for the next decade. That also gives us 4 solid starters on the oline (Saffold, whichever drafted guard, wells, and dahl) which you have to feel pretty good about. Leaving only one hole in our oline, Tackle. Richardson is serviceable because the rest of our oline will be so solid. This will improve our ability to run the football as well as protect sam.

With our our second first rounder I would like to see eiffert. This not only adds another weapon for Sam, but it could let us fully utilize kendricks. He would be a great utility man/ second string TE. He could become a great player for us with the mismatches he would be able to create as a second TE. Also we could line him up in the backfield as an H back. He could be a huge playmaker as a second TE rather than the primary TE. This also adds a target for Sam, albeit not a WR.

With our second rounder I would love to see The OLB Greene from Rutgers. There are many reasons why I would love this pickup. First, it would solidify our front 7 as one of, if not the, best in football. He is very fast, and versatile (former SS). He has great speed and playmaking ability (check his stats.) He would be a seemingly perfect fit at the Will alongside Dunbar and James.

The 3rd round pick I would go with the best safety available. Obviously it is one of our biggest needs, but I have neglected it till the 3rd with good reason. This is a relatively deep safety class. Despite the lack of a great safety, their are many average ones that could be starts at the NFL level. We should be able to get Rambo, mcdonald, or swearinger here. All are upgrades over dahl. We can get away with this though, because our front 7 will be dominant, and our corner play is so strong.

Few of you are probably thinking, this is a stupid mock because i neglected one of our most pressing needs, WR. We already addressed getting a pass catcher with the eiffert pick up. And we also have much invested in Givens and Quick. Give them another year then target a solid number one WR next year with all the draft ammo we have. Marquise Lee or Sammy Watkins, who are both undoubtedly better than any receiver in this years draft. In two years we could be looking at a solid O line, Two good catching TE’s with kendricks and Eiffert, and a WR core of Marquise Lee/sammy watkins, Quick, amendola, and givens. That Is setting up Sam bradford for paramount success, and our D will be dominant as well. Just my current outlook on things.