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Random Ramsdom 01/31/2013: So Long January!

Whew! What a month! January was chock-full of exciting sports news, as well as noteworthy blunders. T'was a month filled with victory and defeat, along with agony and deceit. Legends were made, and a few legacies tainted. January was weird…Take a look...

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What’s Going On At The End Of January?

Steven Jackson Isn’t the Only Pro Bowl Running Back Without a Playoff Win

…because he has won one. This guy’s got it all wrong!

A Review of the Rams Beating the 49ers in 10 Quarters in 2012

Why not? This upcoming Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers - who have NEVER lost in a Super Bowl - will try to keep that streak alive. If they win, it means that the St. Louis Rams are also Champions. The Champions of owning the 49ers. It might’ve taken 10 quarters, but the Rams proved who the better team was in 2012.

Meet Rams’ New LB Coach Frank Bush

Take a second to read into Frank Bush’s story. A former player, whose career was ended in an instant, and re-directed his path in life. Having become acquainted with Jeff Fisher nearly two decades ago [1994], he’s excited to be a part of the Rams organization, and even more excited to work with this group of LB’s.

Marshall Faulk Will Never Forget

Marshall has been - and will always be - awesome. It’s just in his genes. What he did on the field during the Greatest Show on Turf days will forever be burned into my memory. Now a member of the Hall of Fame, Faulk remembers the glory days. He also remembers how the Patriots cheated him of another ring, and how they’re the worst people on the planet…ever.

Pricso’s Top Players In The Super Bowl

As Rams fans, I’m guessing that everyone’s favorite player in Super Bowl XLVII has got to be…former Ram, Billy Bajema. Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cheer for another player, or think some may have more impact on their teams chances of winning the big game. Randy Moss thinks he’s the greatest WR of all time…Pete Prisco thinks he’s the 36th best player in this game.

PFF On The OTHER Players In The Super Bowl

You’re tired of hearing from/about the star players in this weekend's Super Bowl, aren’t you? I thought so. Well, Pro Football Focus sets asides this game’s elite, and focuses on the ‘little guy.’ Take a gander at 16 players from each team, and some intriguing statistics on each one. They’re just squirrel’s trying to get a diamond-studded nut.

Passing the Torch? Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis?

Ray Lewis is known as one of - if not the - best linebackers to have ever played the game. This Sunday will be the last time he ever takes the field. It’s fitting, because - according to Doug Farrar - it’s the dawn of a new era; one in which Patrick Willis picks up where Lewis left off. Willis is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the field. And his ability to reference Disney’s children classics is impeccable!

Brett Favre to Debut His Analyst Game Prior To Super Bowl

So what has this guy been up to? The NFL Network announced today, that Brett Favre will make his ‘analyst’ debut prior to kickoff of the Super Bowl. He’ll most likely be behind the desk, so there’s no telling whether or not he’ll be wearing pants…or holding his cell phone.

An Airline You’ve Probably Never Heard of Zings Alex Rodriguez

Ayo! That’s one for Spirit Airline, and zero for A-Rod. Get low low fares on flights across the country, all while kicking an alleged cheater while he’s down. I’ve got to admit that my disdain for bandwagon jumpers, coupled with my jealousy of his single paychecks, make this a very enjoyable slogan.

2013 Small School Draft Prospects

Optimum Scouting
4 Must Watch Prospects From FCS Championship Game Top 100

January 2013 In Review

* Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get the Cooperstown Snub.

* Lance Armstrong admits to doping…on Oprah.

* Alabama shows up for the BCS National Championship….Notre Dame does not.

* The San Francisco 49ers put up big points on the Green Bay Packers, and the Baltimore Ravens upset the New England Patriots to solidify this Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up.

* 25% of the NFL’s Teams decided it was time for a coaching change.

* Manti Te’o finds out he’s been catfishedthen tells Jeremy Schapp about it…then Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly defends Manti’s National Championship performance on the ‘hoax’ and then the hoaxer admits that he’s in love with Manti.

* Someone who hates Ray Lewis say he has antlers, and is ruining his pre-Super Bowl experience.

* Randy Moss got into some bath salts, and truly believes he’s the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. Jerry Rice wants you to peep his bling!

* Next up in the PED allegation, legacy-ruining batter’s box is Yankees Alex Rodriguez.

* The St. Louis Rams sign Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator…then Ryan says he’s a beached whale on a beach and hasn’t talked to anyone…and then there’s a bit of silence on the issue [possibly feasting]…and then he’s the new defensive coordinator again….and then he’s not.

...In a recent interview where I absolutely did NOT sit down with Rob Ryan, I asked him to provide his take on what happened with the hiring-beaching-hiring-firing that recently occurred. You should know that he chose to sit down with me, and had Oprah and Dr. Phil as backups. At any rate, here’s what he had to say:

"Damn, these chicken wings are good. Oh…you mean the whole Rams thing? Yeah, well, I was told that I didn’t ‘fit' the scheme. I can understand that, but I certainly don’t appreciate it. There are a lot of things I don’t fit. I mean, look at me! I’m not exactly sure I’d call the Rams a ‘ fattest’ organization, but I’m partnering with former equipment manager Todd Hewitt, who knows a thing or two about how things run in that organization. I’m only going to be out of work for 5 min….months, so I’m not too worried about it right now. Do you have anymore blue cheese?"

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