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Conspiracies: What REALLY happened with Rob Ryan and the Rams?

The truth is out there, and we found bits and pieces of it ... on the internet!!


The St. Louis Rams and Rob Ryan will not be joining forces after all. The two parted ways earlier this week, after having an agreement in place and sending Ryan to a Blues game to touch the commoners. It all seemed like it was done, until it wasn't. Clearly, there's a rat to be smelled, a conspiracy is afoot.

Wake up. Open your eyes.

The Post-Dispatch reported on Wednesday morning that Ryan backed out. With time to mull, Ryan changed his mind. He was uncomfortable with the 4-3 system as well as having assistants already in place, i.e. not his guys.

Sure, that's one theory. Power and control. The man, used to being treated like a defensive coordinator super star couldn't get his head around a four-man front and some other blokes to run it.

Or at least that's what THEY want you to believe. No way, I say. Really, it's just so logical, it makes so much sense ... it can't be true, can it?

When I need real information, aka THE TRUTH, I turn to the people, the masses. I comb Twitter, the message boards and local talk radio, the places where THEY can't feed us party lines.

Hmm, digging around, I stumbled onto some shiny corner of the truth buried beneath the pile of lies pushed onto us.

There's no reason for Fisher to force Ryan onto the rest of the Rams' defensive staff if they don't believe in the same philosophies. That's just like jamming a square peg into a round hole-St. Louis could continuously try to make it work, but in the end it would falter.

Square pegs? Round holes? Now I think we're onto something. But wait, I found some more, to wit:

It sounds to me like a money/salary issue or there was an issue with other coaches. Ryan probably wanted to be paid in the top 10 of DC's (or some other ego thing) and he's not worth it.

Money and salary, hmmm. The Rams famously low-balled Jeff Fisher, giving him just $7 million a year, while the rest of the league blackballed him over his demand of $12 million a season and 23 virgins.

More informed members of the media who spit in the face of the illuminati everyday, had another take:

Oh, so the Rams messed up in hiring him in the first place. I can believe that. Fisher seems like a man of considerable passions, one prone to indulging his whims. Over a bottle of champagne with Snead one night, talk quickly turned from caddis hair nymphs on the Middle Fork to "hey, let's fucking hire Rob Ryan."

Yeah, that's definitely a possibility too, and I think we're starting to get somewhere, peeling off layers of the

So wait, now we're back to Ryan being the issue. "Overconfidence." He's got long, flowing silver hair, you know what that means, right? It should be fairly obvious. People like that are soooo full of themselves. The cocky sumbitch probably thought the world was his, and the Rams were just another pearl to pack into his Econoline van and drive off with.

There's a lot to process here.

Rob Ryan having second thoughts about a defensive system he hasn't run in a long time and a cast of assistants with no direct ties to him? Well, that's just too obvious to be true ... it could never happen.