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Random Ramsdom: Ryan's out, but who's in???

Rams fans would probably agree that it's easy to give Jeff Fisher a line of trust. Fisher single handedly turned the Rams from a burning tire fire into a tried and true contender, but fans have to be wondering whats going on at the defensive coordinator position.


Rob Ryan wasn't a "scheme fit". Well, that was the first question most of us had when he arrived on the scene. So what gives? While the Ryan and Fisher styles of defense are similar in approach, they are vastly different in application. But, the Rams had to have known this. It can't be as simple as schemes not lining up, right? The unfortunate part is that many of us will probably never know why Rob Ryan fell off as the Rams new defensive coordinator. Jeff Fisher runs a tight lip ship, and it's unlikely all the details are made fully present.

So what do the Rams do now?

Here is the history of how this defensive coordinator story has evolved, and where it may be headed. Dick Jauron is not an exciting name. Rams fans will likely be grossly disappointed with a hire that doesn't inherently make the team better. As mentioned above, Rams fans trust Jeff Fisher, but this decision would have to be built solely on trust. Jauron has nothing on his resume that would lead you to believe he is capable of producing a top 5 defense.

Larry Warford NFL ready?

The St. Louis Rams badly need interior offensive line help, but it remains to be seen that Jeff Fisher would make any offensive line position a top target in the draft. It would be grossly out of character to see someone like Chance Warmack drafted by the Rams. That being said, Fisher has snagged some real winners in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft. Micheal Roos and David Stewart are two longtime Tennessee stalwarts that Fisher nabbed outside of the first round. Could someone like Larry Warford be next in line?

Can the Rams find starters in the draft?

The Rams need instant impact again from this years draft class. With the draft capital the Rams hold, it would certainly seem possible, but who are the players that could be inserted week 1? Again, it would be out of character for Fisher to select an offensive lineman in round 1 - regardless of how ready they are - but would someone who could compete at an extremely high level already sway Fisher/Snead's opinions?

Dallas Thomas a fit for Rams?

Looking outside of the first round, another name that keeps popping up is Dallas Thomas. His arms aren't long like someone like DJ Fluker or Eric Fisher, but his film and bowl game performances prove that he is capable of competing. Could he be a fit at guard or tackle for the Rams?

Super-Sleeper Wide Receiver

Is Courtney Gardner this years Brian Quick? I know most Rams fans will probably say, "pass" - at least until Brian Quick pans out, but what are fans thoughts on seeking late round upgrades at WR? Raw or ready, the Rams need someone that can beat players like Brandon Gibson and Austin Pettis out of their job.

Stay random Rams fans.