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Being avid sports fans, we hear and see things that make us say to ourselves - and sometimes out loud: "SERIOUSLY BRO?!?!?!"

Al Messerschmidt

In the spirit of ESPN's "C'Mon Man" and 670 The Score's "Who Ya Crappin'?", I've decided to start a weekly article to voice YOUR rants, rumbles and restless criticisms. The slogan will be "SERIOUSLY BRO!?!?!?" The more !!! and ??? the better. (Thanks for the name idea @reddingram)

Check out some of 670's Who Ya Crappin's to get a feel for it - Who Ya Crappin?

So what or who grinds your gears TST readers? Is it Randy Moss saying he's the GOAT? Or could it be the recent Rob Ryan debacle? Maybe it's even our very own 3k tweeting about some sport called futbol...or is it futball?...I'm really not sure.

Whatever sports related issues (loose interpretation) you want to get off your chest, write them down, and send them in. They don't have to be about the Rams. Anything in the sports world is free game.

Submissions can be sent to - - Keep your submissions under 2000 characters.

You can also submit to us on Facebook if you want. We are currently working on incorporating Twitter.

Each Friday I will be posting the best responses we have received throughout the week.

So start thinking about what things make your palm hit your face, your head shake, and your eyes roll and we will see you Friday to see the results.

(Special thanks out to Daniel Doelling for helping me flesh this idea out, and handling the technology integration)