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Adrian Peterson cost Blake Williams his job with the Rams

Well, kind of.

Joe Robbins

According to the reports, Blake Williams got canned, in part, because of his abrasive personality. Jeff Fisher was also said to be unhappy with some of the playcalling that played a role in some key defensive lapses that cost the St. Louis Rams a win or two.

Fans recall more than a few incidents of mysterious moves by the stop unit. Massive margins between defensive backs and receivers as well as a decided preference for zone over man coverage, despite an obvious need for the later at times provoked more than a few bewildered, angry comments in our game threads.

There was also a little incident with Adrian Peterson, who broke off an 82-yard touchdown run in the second quarter of a Week 15 visit to St. Louis. That run snapped a 7-7 tie, and put the Vikings in control. It was Peterson's longest of his incredible season.

That didn't sit well with Fisher.

I'm not privy to the inside information at Rams Park that led to the decision to can Williams. But we can put two and two together. Williams' abrasive style may well have caused him problems when the senior members of the staff, Fisher or Dave McGinnis for example, tried to push for changes to the game plan on defense.

Either way, Williams is out, and the Rams need a new linebackers coach and defensive coordinator.

Here's that play in GIF form, courtesy of Daniel Doelling, TST social media master and GIF guru.