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Game of Thrones - Rams Style

Death, deceit, dragons, and Danny Amendola... This is a comparison of HBO's hit series the Game of Thrones and St. Louis Rams players.

Jamie Squire

Westeros is a mythical land that's filled with rivalries, warriors, back-room politics, and love stories - much like the NFL. In my quest to satiate my Game of Thrones withdrawl, I started thinking about comparing Rams players to Game of Thrones characters. Here is what I came up with:

Danny Amendola - Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister, also known as the Imp, has lived his entire life in his brothers shadow. Likewise, Amendola has forever been in Wes Welker's, his white wide receiver brother-in-arms, shadow. Tyrion and Danny share one quality imparticular - they are scared of no one. However little they may be, Tyrion and Danny both manage to will themselves into becoming two very important people.

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Sam Bradford - Robb Stark/Jon Snow

I couldn't choose just one character for Sam. Sam Bradford is the King of the Rams. Robb Stark leads the Northmen to success against their foe, the Lannisters. Sam has done the same against the dastardly 49ers. Sam, like Robb, has won some battles but not the war. With both Sam and Robb being the underdog, and getting attacked from all sides, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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Sam is also like Jon Snow in that they both have unrealized potential. Jon Snow is the bastard son of the King of the North (or is he?). Jon has all of the characteristics of a great man: he is a leader in words and actions, he never complains publicly, and his heart is in the right place. However, Jon is relegated the Nights Watch on The Wall. The Wall doesn't contain the most skilled bunch of guys.

Likewise, Sam has all of the tools to become a great quarterback, however starting his career off in St. Louis surrounded with less than average talent didn't help. Sam NEVER complains to the media even though he has taken a beating the last three years. Sam and Jon's stories are both destined to have better endings than beginnings.

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Steven Jackson - Khal Drogo

STEVEN JACKSON IS A BEAST! Khal Drogo is a very powerful warlord and a devastating warrior. He leads his people by actions, not words. Khals people, the Dothraki, use hair to symbolize how great of a warrior they are. The longer the hair, the greater the warrior. Throughout his career, Steven Jackson has been a devastating warrior in his own right. Linebackers and safeties have dreaded the games where they have to try and tackle #39. Steven Jackson also has the patented Dothraki long hair.

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Les Snead - Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger

Littlefinger is a master manipulator. He starts with a little and turns it into a lot. Les Snead is the Rams very own version of Littlefinger. I imagine Snead sitting in the Rams war-room pitting the Browns and the Redskins against each other for the 2nd overall pick - all while laughing lightly under his breadth as him and Jeff Fisher nod to each other as lightening clashes in the background. A high pitched scream comes from the Redskins war-room. The phone rings. A deal has been made. The camera pans out as a Machiavellian smirk crosses Snead's face.

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Craig Dahl - Joffrey Baratheon

Anytime Joffrey Baratheon makes a decision you can pretty much assume that it's the wrong one. It's quite impressive really. The same can be said for Craig Dahl. Craig Dahl has been impressively bad. Whether it be a bad angle, blown coverage, missed tackle, or some other way of blowing a play no one could possibly conceive, Craig Dahl has done it. Both lucked into being relevant, neither have talent and both make terrible decisions.

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Chris Long - Eddard Stark (Pre-Beheading)

Eddard Stark is the King in the North. He has been through battle and lived through loss. He lives in Winterfell where it is cold but is happy to be there surrounded with the people he loves. Chris Long is experienced and successful. He is respected throughout the league and is the leader of a team that has seen its fair share of winters. Chris had his chance to let his contract run out and seek employment elsewhere, but St. Louis is where is home is. Chris and Ned are inspirational stories that you never want/wanted to see end.

Brandon Gibson - Arya Stark

Arya of House Stark is a fighter. She wants nothing to do with the girly girl ways of her sister, Sansa. Arya prefers to fight for everything rather than have it handed to her. She is the consummate underdog story. Arya isn't physically powerful, nor is she beautiful, yet somehow she scraps onward. Similarly, Brandon Gibson has no business being a #2 WR in the NFL. He should be relegated to a 4th string WR in the NFL, yet he manages to scrap and fight his way into playing time every year. Both Arya and Brandon leave me wondering when their luck will run out.

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Which players and characters would you have compared?

You can view the visual representation of the Game of Thrones on HBO, or read the original series written by George R. R. Martin.