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2013 NFL Draft: Senior Bowl Open Thread

One of the bigger events in the offseason schedule is the Senior Bowl. Offering top prospects at every position, it's the one opportunity for future top NFLers to show in the offseason how they stack up against their peers going full-speed in a game situation. Game on.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Well, there's at least a semblance of football left before the Super Bowl sends into the cold netherregions of the football offseason.

The Senior Bowl jumps on the NFL Network in just under a half an hour and offers the best chance at seeing top prospects face off against one another in a full-speed game setting. It's not everything, but it's not nothing. So I guess it's something. And that's a thing. I think.

I offered more than a dozen names in action who could impact the Rams' draft fortunes earlier this week. While there are plenty more who could be thrown in (and I'm sure we'll get to those in the comments), those at least offer a starting point for those of you who have avoided the Senior Bowl discussions in the build up this week.

While a standout performance today shouldn't propel a 7th round prospect into day one contention, the scouting here is a chance to validate the scouting that has gone on since each prospect first stepped onto the field as a collegiate athlete.

It's that last chance to really impress outside of pro days and the combine. With limited opportunities remaining, prospects need to put their skills on full display at every step.

Drop off your observations at this step here today.