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Turf Show Times Mailbag

You have questions; we have answers!

Otto Greule Jr

It's time for us to do another Turf Show Times mailbag! To have your questions answered in the future, like us on Facebook and ask away!

Brandon Daste With the breakout of Givens and Gibson, do you still consider a WR a top priority?

I would not call Gibson's season a breakout. He mostly repeated the results he had in his second season. Gibson is what he is, an average to slightly above average WR, who is a good fourth option for a team. Gibson is also a free agent. Chris Givens had a great rookie year and look for him to do even better next year, but the Rams need help at receiver. First off, Danny Amendola is a free agent. With his injury history, the Rams may have to think twice about resigning him. Even with Gibson and Amendola back, we are looking at a lineup of Givens, Amendola, Gibson, Pettis and Quick. The Rams need help here for sure.

Wade Davey would the rams trade one of their 2 first round picks for a great reciever

It's highly unlikely the Rams will trade away any of their draft picks, except for more draft picks.

Sergey Konyshev At this point, are the Rams just looking for a DC to watch over the D or someone that will actually coach them above expectations? In your opinion anyway. As someone pointed out, Ryan doesn't make the D worse or better, just the same as it was a previous season.

Rob Ryan was hired to make the team better, and make the players on the defense better. I'm not a huge fan of the hire, but Ryan has a good track record and was one of the best candidates available.

Clayton Weaver What are the odds of the Rams drafting a QB in round 4 or 5. It looks like there are 6 or 7 guys that are trying to get these other team's attention but once those teams fill those spots, the left over players are going to fall like a rock in the draft. At what point does developing one of these guys like an EJ Manuel or a Zac Dysert seem like a good value?

Extremely low. The Rams are still all in with Sam Bradford, though this year will be huge for him. Using a valuable pick for a QB, when the current franchise QB is only 25 would not be a good move.

Josh Golding Say we draft at least one receiver, who makes the cut next season?

Givens and Quick will be on the team. Danny Amendola if resigned will make it. Same with Gibson. Austin Pettis has shown flashes, but could easily be challenged for a spot. This will be an interesting battle depending on who the Rams decide to bring in.

Drew Siegle If Rob Ryans is hired. How do you see Long and Quinn and backups working in 3-4?

We are not switching to a 3-4 defense, however I could see the Rams mixing in some of those looks. Quinn would obviously be an edge rusher, but I don't see Chris Long as a stand up guy. He did play 3-4 DE at Virgina, so it's possible he could fill that role for a few plays if called upon.

Parrty Hardy Looks like we have no money to do anything in FA. Is that right?

The Rams have around 10 million in cap room, which doesn't leave them with much room to work. Cap room could be made by cutting some expensive vetrans, but that money would not leave the Rams room to bring in a big time free agent, but it may allow them to keep Danny Amendola.

Parrty Hardy What's going on with Gannaway? He's almost the same size as SJ yet we didn't even use him. Is he a secret weapon or taking up space?

Terrance Ganaway has no career carries. Something tells me he is not good.

JJ Naranjo What are the chances Fisher actually goes OL in the first round for the first time in his coaching career?

About 75% I would say.

Brandon Daste With are 2013 opponents listed, what's your thoughts on our 2013 overall, home , and away record?

It's too early to get into this. This season isn't over yet and the draft and free agency have not happened, but right now the schedule looks slightly more favorable to the Rams in 2013 than in 2012, but still very tough.

Camira Haddon What do you think of trading for Darelle Revis and moving Finnegan to a safety position?

I don't. It's not going to happen. The Rams in the first place will not be looking at Revis and Finnegan is not a safety.

Robert Buchanan III If the Rams are looking for another RB can they try and get Mark Ingram or Chris Ivory from the Saints? Their careers are being wasted over there and I hate it.

Hmmmm.....they could look that route, but it all depends on the asking price. I wouldn't count on it.

Randy Vann Has fisher or anybody else on the staff or front office given a reason for Pead and Quicks lack of playing time. At least a better one than they need more time

Simple. They aren't the best players available.

Albert Alvarado do you see us trading any draft picks for some possible OLB/OL/DB instead of drafting for these positions?

Again, I don't see the Rams trading any draft picks for anything other than more draft picks. It's a much safer strategy to build through the draft with young players.

Jacob Farnham Bigger need,RT or OG?

I really wouldn't put one above the other. They are both huge needs and the Rams should be looking to bring in the best possible players in the draft to fill them.

Jarrett McCarthy Will we reach for yet another corner in the early rounds to replace fletcher?

I don't think so. Fletcher's playing time was falling as the year ended and they feel very comfortable with Trumaine Johnson and gave him a couple of start in 2012.

Thanks for all the questions!