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Rams Hire Rob Ryan

It's a done deal. Again.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The will they wont they relationship that the Rams have had with Rob Ryan has finally come to fruition. That's right folks; Rob Ryan is now the defensive coordinator of the Rams. Adam Schefter tweeted this out minutes ago, and the NFL has also confirmed the hiring:

It's hard to know what the Rams have in store with Ryan. Easily the biggest name on the market, the Rams under Stan Kroenke have continued to pursue highly qualified and well known coaches. But with Ryan, there are a few more questions than answers.

Surely, the Rams would be stupid to run a 3-4 defense, the type Ryan ran while in Dallas. They don't have the personnel or the money to make a switch. Ryan has run a 4-3 defense before, but his results in Oakland, Cleveland and more recently in Dallas leave quite a bit to be desired.

Of course, the Rams are stacked on defense. They have draft picks to burn. It's now up to Rob Ryan to lead the defense from very good to elite. If anything, the hiring adds even more pressure for the team to compete and win in 2013.