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Random Ramsdom 01/24/2013: St. Louis Rams, Senior Bowl, and All Things Sports

Good Thursday morning, St. Louis Rams fans. I hope today finds you well. A lot going on in the NFL these days. Certainly lots of bowls. You can never have too many bowls. The Senior Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl are all forthcoming. Not to mention all of the off season speculation already surrounding your favorite football team from St. Louis...

Jamie Squire


In Rams News…

Cost Effective Moves the Rams Can Make In This Offseason

May we all speculate on roster moves until we’re blue in the face! Regardless, it’s far too early to tell what the Rams are capable of this offseason, and it’s sure to be loaded with surprises. Will they re-sign stars like Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola? Will Sam Bradford do the unthinkable and offer to slice his paycheck in order to keep guys like that around? Who could the Rams pickup in the offseason to offer immediate support…even if they’re gone?

Coaching Changes In The NFC West

The Rams, who were the beneficiaries of a coaching makeover in 2012, were fortunate enough to have survived the coaching free agency period unscathed. The rest of the NFC West was not so fortunate. For a team that needs continuity, Rams players and fans should find solace in the fact that they can continue to build on their successes/improvements from this past season. The rest of the NFC West - in terms of coaching - will look a little different.

Draft Day Defensive Preview: Who Fits For the Rams?

Let’s face it, if you visit this site regularly [and if you don’t, you should], you’re probably aware of most of these names at this point. To be fair, if you visit any site that talks 2013 NFL draft, you’ve probably at least seen these names mentioned. They’re the best of the best of what 2013 has to offer….on the defensive side of the ball. Who would look good in blue and gold?

Everything You’d Need To Know About Rob Ryan

Love him or hate him, it sounds as though Rob Ryan to the Rams is somewhat of a certainty. Nothing is set in stone, of course. Rams fans seem to be relatively split on whether or not Rob Ryan is the answer at Defensive Coordinator in St. Louis. Maybe you just don’t know enough about. Click the link…there’s plenty to know.

The Rams Could Land Top Talent at 16 and 22 ranks the players headed to the draft in April by position. As you’re well aware [and even if you’re not] many mock drafts have the Rams leaning towards Chance Warmack and Keenan Allen in the first round. Would you be happy with this if it were to come to fruition? You should be! They’re the top ranked players at their positions, and they’re apparently not going top-10.

Walt’s Got Your Updated 2013 NFL Mock

As he does every Wednesday, Walter has done me a solid by updating his mock draft for 2013. No surprises necessarily. As with the link above, we’ve got Warmack going at 16, filling a need on the offensive line. The Rams select Keenan Allen at 22, adding a serious threat in the passing game. In the second round, the Rams go back to protecting their $76mil investment, by taking RT D.J. Fluker. The defense was seriously upgraded in 2012. Is it time to do the same for the offense? I’d say this would be a pretty darn good start.

In Sporting News…

Standouts at the Senior Bowl Practices

Eric Fisher was one of the first ‘standout’ names mentioned at the Senior Bowl practices this week. For Rams fans, that, plus the return to college for guys like Jake Matthews and Taylor Lewan, meant a swift rise up the draft boards, and a lower probability of being available at 16 overall. He’s not the only one catching the eyes of scouts, coaches, and GM’s, though…

Hey Rams Fans, Can You Say "Backup QB"?

You know how they say "two heads are better than one?" Well, then it seems logical that two #1 overall QB’s on an NFL roster would be better than one. Somebody’s making a comeback, and I bet you’re wishing that the Rams were on the phone with his agent now…

Junior Seau’s Family Sues the NFL

I can’t even count how many lawsuits the NFL is facing right now, but you can add one more to the list. Junior Seau’s suicide marked a very sad day in sports. Speculation as to why has swirled around the league since that day. The Seau family isn’t buying collisions suffered in this sometimes brutal sport are a ‘natural consequence of the game,’ and have decided that it’s time to take legal action on the ‘false myth’ the NFL has created in an effort to protect themselves; not their players.

The Te’o Saga Is Still Smoldering

Catfished? Hoax? Possibly. As you may have suspected, this story just won’t go away, and more and more super sleuths try to find the true scoop behind one of the oddest stories in sports history. ESPN’s Jeremy Schapp was the first to hear it from Te’o himself. The linebacker was flabbergasted to find out the girl he’d fallen in love with was not only alive, but not who she said she was. But who is the joke on when someone’s on the other end of Te’o’s calls for over 500 hours?

The New York Knicks Are the Most Valuable Team in the NBA

Step aside Lakers! Your surprising inability to win games with the caliber of team you put on the court each night has cost you. The New York Knicks - according to Forbes - is now the most valuable team in the NBA.

The Most Intimidating Name In All of Sport

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears? Oh no! In sport, athletes often use intimidation to throw their opponent off their game. You can use fierce looking helmets, red eye contact lenses, face paint….or let your game do the talking for you. Or you could change your team name from the Hornets [which sting really hard] to the...

Plain ‘Ol Random…

This is America

I’ll be the first to tell you that I see no reason why you can’t get on someone else’s roof…naked. Never mind the fact that you intend on breaking in and stealing a TV that’s not yours…naked. But I’ve got a few questions I wish I could’ve asked our founding fathers, because what is America if not the opportunity to enter another man’s home, go number two, and then there's the stroganoff? If you don’t click this video, you’re starting your day off all wrong.

Tighten Up! Get Yourself Krazy Injections

The economy is not what it once was. It’s forced us all to cut corners in one way or another. We’ve all got our ‘must haves’ though. If you’re looking to give your face or buttocks a much needed lift - and on the cheap - look no further than Palm Beach, Florida. This he-she will hook it up at a discount. Disclaimer: you’ll be held together by Krazy Glue. Look at that face. That’s his…err…her work. Giggity giggity!

Thanks for swinging by Turf Show Times for your up-to-the-minute St. Louis Rams news. As the great R. Kelly once said, "After the show, it’s the after-party." The 2013 offseason is that after-party. Consider this the hotel lobby. Oh, and hit me up on Twitter.