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Les Snead Chatting It Up With A Wide Receiver In The Senior Bowl

Les Snead was caught chatting with a senior wide receiver at the Senior Bowl. Who was it? Read on and find out...

Danny who?
Danny who?

The St. Louis Rams are at the Senior Bowl looking for talent to take the team to the new level. One position the Rams need to invest talent into is the wide receiver position, and Les Snead is doing just that at the Senior Bowl. The name might be a surprise, but last year Snead showed us that he doesn't shy away from lower profile players.

Conner Vernon was a wide receiver for Duke. He has the production that you would want in a player at wide receiver. Last season he topped 1,000 yards, on 80 catches, and scored 8 touchdowns. He's more suited for the slot, so the Rams interest in him isn't shocking.

Here's more on Conner.

If the Rams draft Conner, that means that Danny Amendola is most likely headed for a new team. Right now, it doesn't look like Vernon will be drafted before the 4th round. Maybe even the 3rd round, would be a good place?

The Rams could bring back Brandon Gibson, and have Chris Givens and Brian Quick play bigger roles in 2013. This team didn't draft Amendola, and if they decide to let him walk, at least they are already planning his replacement.