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2012 Senior Bowl: Impact players

Last year's Senior Bowl offered valuable insight into three players the Rams ended up drafting. Who will catch the Rams eye this year?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Rams drafted three players who played in last year's Senior Bowl - Isaiah Pead, Brian Quick, and Janoris Jenkins. Although Les Snead and the Rams scouting staff weren't fully in place during the Senior Bowl, I believe the all-star game still played a role in the Rams selecting these three young men.

Isaiah Pead

Isaiah Pead was the star of last years Senior Bowl. Eric Galko of OptimumScouting went so far as to compare the Rams current backup to Arian Foster.

"Isaiah Pead was easily the most impressive runner, showing some outstanding vision and explosion in cuts in the open field on the two big punt returns. All game, he was sudden in his cuts, exploding through with great balance through tackles. At times, he looked A LOT like Arian Foster. OFFENSIVE MVP."

The potential Pead flashed in last years game doesn't just go away. I am eager to see what Pead can do in camp this year and next season.

Isaiah Pead 2012 Senior Bowl Interview (via LooneyJoshua)

Janoris Jenkins

For Janoris Jenkins the most important part of the Senior Bowl was the interviews. Jenkins was a standout at Florida but was kicked off the team after two drug-related arrests. There were no questions concerning his athleticism, but he needed to nail the interviews. According to Jenkins, honesty is the best policy.

"I'm just going to play my game, do what I've got to do and be honest with the scouts," he said, "and hopefully my skills will speak for themselves."

Janoris Jenkins 1/26/2012 Senior Bowl Interview (via Mike Loyko)

Brian Quick

Brian Quick needed the Senior Bowl because he came from a school that doesn't get a lot of attention, Appalachian State. After the weigh-in everyone could see how much of an athletic freak Quick was/is. Charlie Campbell said that Quick was "the consensus most physically impressive receiver during the weigh-ins. He measured in at 6-3 1/2, 222 pounds, with very long 33 1/2-inch arms."

Brian Quick still has all of those same physical tools, he just needs to refine his game. I am not ready to give up on Quick. I believe he can be a #1 WR in this league. Next season is a big one for Mr. Quick.

Brian Quick Senior Bowl Practice 2012 (via xuesac84)

The Senior Bowl played a role in who the Rams drafted last year. It allowed the Rams to scout a player who never received much national publicity - Brian Quick. It allowed them to talk face-to-face to a player with off-the-field concerns - Janoris Jenkins. And the Rams got to see Isaiah Pead flash his potential against the top seniors in the country. Who will gain the Rams eye this year?