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Senior Bowl 2013: Rams interview pair of developmental prospects

Taking a look at a couple of players that the Rams talked to during the Senior Bowl.


It's draft season. A time where teams talk to players, and when rumors are everywhere. Every team does their due diligence, by interviewing and interacting with prospects.

But, just because a team interacts with a player, really doesn't mean that they are interested, or that the player is high on their board. However, after seeing this tweet, I became intrigued.

Who are these two players?

Xavier Nixon was an offensive tackle for the Flordia Gators. He's most likely an offensive tackle at the next level. The biggest knock on Nixon is that he's inconsistent, but he does have upside. He would be an interesting pick in the 4th round if he's available.

Florida O vs Texas A&M D 2012 (via JoshMTD)

Then you have Ziggy Ansah linebacker/defensive end from BYU. He' a good athlete. But he's raw, and has only played football for a couple of years. It appears that he would be more of a fit to a 3-4 team, but you can never have enough pass rushers. If the Rams and their new defensive coordinator want to be more versatile, he could be a good fit.

EZEKIEL "ZIGGY" ANSAH vs. Boise State 2012 (via 907uceRenagade)

Here's Josh Norris' take on Ziggy, from watching him at Senior Bowl practices.

DL Ezekiel Ansah - Don’t expect Jason Pierre-Paul when watching Ansah. They are different players that will likely play different positions. Obviously I remain very high on Ansah, but when stuck at left defensive end this week, he has failed to shine against the likes of Oday Aboushi and Lane Johnson. Along with having only one real season under his belt, Ansah was used as a rush linebacker, end in a four man front, end in a three man, and even at nose tackle. Meaning, he doesn’t have a real home or spot that he has refined his craft to fit (it could be argued Datone Jones could have the same excuse, but he has been great). I would much rather watch cutups from Ansah at each of the spots he saw snaps from rather than watching him across multiple games. I still need to pinpoint where he fits best, and Ansah does need a stronger natural base to be a solid player at any of the four listed positions, but I remain all in on the BYU Cougar.

Both of these players are a surprise, because they both are coming off of bad practices. It will be interesting to see if, there's something to the Rams and these players, or if it was just an interview.