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Super Bowl XLVII: Three Reasons I'm Rooting for San Francisco

How one Rams fan got to this point.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, it must be done. We all must choose a team to root for in the Super Bowl. This game can't be watched without a rooting interest - It just can't. It's not as fun to experience it without riding the emotional roller coaster during the course of one of the greatest sporting spectacles on Earth.

This year, unlike most, it seems a simple choice for me. I despise San Francisco. I loath them. So Ravens right?

Sadly no. For three key reasons, I'm going to have to cheer for the Rams arch enemy in the Super Bowl.

1. I'm sick of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is an amazing football player. He is easily the best defensive football player I have ever seen, or will see in a while. His Hall of Fame speech in five years will be one of the most memorable. His passion for life can be intoxicating, but it's gone way to far. The media is treating Ray Lewis like he is some sort of deity. They are treating him like he is everything an NFL player stands for, and should be. Ray Lewis himself, while seeming to be very genuine throughout his NFL career, now seems to be a huge drama queen. Having him on his hands and knees crying with dozens of reports circling him was ridiculous. He is irritating, and I can't stand it.

2. The Ravens are boring

The Ravens have had a good season so far, and have performed very well in their two playoff games. Yet this team is not elite, and quite simply is boring to watch. They were ranked 16th on offense and 17th on defense in the regular season. The 49ers were 11th and 3rd respectively. The only plays the Ravens run that are fun to watch are Joe Flacco's deep throws (which can be heavenly). The 49ers run an old school offense with a new school mentality. Each play is creative and exciting. In my eyes, it's the future of NFL offenses. So for the sake of good football, I have to go with the 49ers' great defense and innovative offense.

3. The 49ers winning/losing doesn't change anything for St. Louis

In sports, I cheer for one thing: my team's success. I want the Rams to win Super Bowls. That's all I care about. Results of the other teams do not worry me, unless it affects the Rams. The 49ers winning or losing the Super Bowl has no effect on the Rams quest to win one. It brings them no farther or closer to one. The Rams won't magically be given a better chance at the playoffs if the 49ers lose. In fact, the 49ers winning the Super Bowl may be better for the Rams if one chooses to believe in the "Super Bowl hangover". I don't. There is no impact on St. Louis with this game, and for that reason - and the reasons above - I am rooting for the San Francisco 49ers.