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Senior Bowl 2013: Rams talking to Datone Jones, Michael Williams

The Rams have had conversations with a long list of players at the Senior Bowl, including UCLA's standout defensive end.


The Senior Bowl is underway. General manager Les Snead has a contingent of scouts and others from the St. Louis Rams on the scene in Mobile to get a good look at the players who will be available on draft day. Snead's group is also talking to players, and already there are a couple names of interest.

The Rams were seen talking to Alabama tight end Michael Williams and UCLA defensive end Datone Jones. Now, there's a caveat, teams talk to a ton of players through the week in Mobile, so take it all with a grain of salt. However, it is a glimpse into the kind of draft board Snead and Co. are putting together.

Jones is being mentioned for his epic battles with top-flight OT prospect Eric Fisher. So far, he seems to be only defensive lineman capable of getting the better of him.

Jones has been considered a second-round pick. He weighed in at 6'4" 280 pounds this week. I realize defensive end looks like about the last position the Rams need, but I would not be at all surprised to Snead grab one with one of his first three picks.

Michael Williams made his reputation blocking for the Crimson Tide. He's a big, big dude at 6'6" 269 pounds. The Rams have scouted him prior to the Senior Bowl too. With a player like that, you wonder if the Rams could free up Lance Kendricks to do more specific pass catching. Here's some comments about Williams from the week in Mobile so far:

Well, if Nick Saban approves ...

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