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Senior Bowl 2013 Spotlight: Eric Fisher

Many have high hopes that the Rams will address the offensive line in the early rounds of the 2013 NFL draft. Unfortunately, one hot prospect may already be out of reach.


Eric Fisher was a dominate offensive tackle at Central Michigan. However, coming into the NFL from a competitive, but second-tier team like Central Michigan there were questions about his true ability at the pro level. Those questions appear to have been quickly answered at the Senior Bowl. Below are some of the comments as of this morning.


Unfortunately, if Fisher goes in the top 10, he will be out of the Rams reach. There is little doubt that the St. Louis Rams need help on the offensive line, but even if Fisher was available there is another Fisher that comes into play.

Jeff Fisher has yet to take an offensive lineman in the first round in all his years as a head coach. It's not a coincidence. Jeff Fisher believes he can find the talent necessary to play these positions in the later rounds of the draft. But you have to wonder if a talent like Eric Fisher fell into his lap at pick 16 if he would pull the trigger. Based on the comments above, you would certainly hope he would consider it. If nothing else, maybe Sam Bradford could petition Jeff Fisher on his own behalf to bring him on board.

What do you think? Do the Rams have a shot at Eric Fisher, and if so, would Jeff Fisher actually pull the trigger?