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Gregg Williams free to pursue NFL coaching jobs

The former Rams defensive coordinator could be back in the NFL very soon, but not in St. Louis.


Gregg Williams is apparently free to start looking for NFL coaching jobs again. However, he will not be in the mix for any of the coaching vacancies with the St. Louis Rams, according to a report today.

Saints head coach Sean Payton was reinstated on Tuesday by the NFL. Williams, per the news from LaCanfora, is not reinstated because he doesn't have a job, which means the Rams have cut ties with him.

Rob Ryan was in town over the weekend for a job interview. He left Saturday without a contract.

While we don't know if Ryan's coming back to St. Louis anytime soon, we do know that Gregg Williams is not ... unless he has some boxes in Fisher's garage or something, which could be really awkward. There are still a few notable defensive coordinator jobs open, including the Eagles and Jets.

I think it might be a surprise to Williams in the NFL for 2013. Stranger things have happened.

Then again, maybe not.