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Rams players would love to play in L.A.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Steve Smith says L.A. has a distinct appeal over the Midwest.

Kevork Djansezian

First Trumaine Johnson moved the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles in one hastily deleted tweet. This weekend, Rams receiver Steve Smith revealed to an audience at the Blogs with Balls event in Los Angeles that he and his teammates discussed how fun it would be to play in Los Angeles.

He went one step further, giving some insight into how the players inside the Rams' locker room feel about LA versus St. Louis.

Ouch. Kind stings for us St. Louis fans, no?

Yeah, playing in LA would probably appeal to a former USC player, who obviously isn't going to be back with the Rams in St. Louis anyway.

I'm sure the Rams media and marketing departments will be thrilled to hear Smith's opinion on the matter.