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2013 NFL Draft: Sugar Bowl Open Thread

Just one bowl game graces the sporting landscape this evening, but it's a solid one as Florida takes on Louisville in the AllState Sugar Bowl.

Sam Greenwood

The tracker's got every prospect in action tonight, so make sure you've got a copy open. MTD Draft Notes? MTD Draft Notes!

AllState Sugar logo

AllState Sugar Bowl; New Orleans, LA

Louisville vs. Florida (ESPN, 8:30pm)

The lone game available tonight, this year's Sugar Bowl has plenty of NFL prospects from both teams. Sure, Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater will be a central part of the hype, but as a true sophomore, he's not eligible as of yet. He may establish himself as a popular top 5 mock option for the 2014 NFL Draft after this game though. That being said, Rams fans should get a look at the Cardinals' SS, Hakeem Smith. He'll likely need to add some bulk at the NFL level, but I wouldn't be surprised if he packs it on ahead of the combine. A clean tackler with good angles, Smith looks the part of an NFL strong safety.

As for's Florida. If I have to single out a prospect for Rams fans to get a look in if they haven't seen him yet, I'd make it TE Jordan Reed. The comparisons to Aaron Hernandez are easy; they're not entirely off either. And of course, Florida SS Matt Elam is a heavy, heavy hitter. I've got some concerns about his size, but if he's not asked to do too much in the passing game at the next level, that should help minimize those concerns. he Gators offer some quality O-line options as well which is of obvious import to the Rams.

So stay tuned. Florida's the better team, but it took the Seminoles a while to finally put Northern Illinois away last night and Jordan Lynch isn't Teddy Bridgewater.

Let's talk draft.