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Should the Rams Draft TJ McDonald and Robert Woods?

The Rams are in need at the receiver and safety positions. Robert Woods (WR) and TJ McDonald (S) are two players we can draft from Jeff Fisher's Alma Mater, USC.

Rich Schultz

Everyone knows, or should know, that I am TST's Cali kid. I'm Straight Outta Compton – really, I was born there – and live in Long Beach, the city Calvin Cordozar Broadus made famous.

So It should come as no surprise when I say I am a USC Trojan football fan and, as a homer, would be more than happy if our beloved Rams drafted Robert Woods (WR) and T.J. McDonald (S). So I took to twitter and expressed my sentiments:

<p>It's a homer pick, but I'd be glad to have Robert Woods (WR) and TJ McDonald (FS) on the <a href="">#Rams</a></p>

If y'all ain't following me on twiiter, do so! @iAmEddieP_

A few minutes after I made my desires known, Joe McAtee – aka Joey Crack, aka The Creole Killa, aka 3k Tha Chef – agreed with me. "Ditto" was exactly what he said. No other words were needed. My boy 3k knows his s--t.

So I then wondered to myself, "Is it really plausible to draft Woods and McDonald?" Both players fill needs the Rams have at their respective positions.

Author's Note: Mock drafts are not my thing, so I am not going to attempt creating one. I do not watch enough college ball to warrant me doing so. This is just my reasoning for drafting these players.

Lets start off the conversation with the Rams' first pick at No. 16. Obviously, this is too high for either one of these players. I am on the Chance Warmack wagon. Honestly, I'm just on the let's-get-help-for-the-off-offensive-line bandwagon. Getting Warmack with the first pick would definitely do wonders.

Our second first rounder, No. 22, is where we can start discussing these two players, particularly Woods.

Here is what has to say about him:

Woods looks NFL-ready right now. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound receiver has speed to burn. He easily gets separation from defensive backs as they struggle to turn and run with him. Woods is very quick in and out of his breaks, with well-developed route running. He has reliable hands and is a scoring threat on any play. Woods is fabulous as a run after the catch receiver.

I like Woods. Dude runs fluidly, effortlessly. His routes are crispy as hell. No one on the current roster runs routes as good. Route running is a deadly trait – we should know, former-Rams Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt were some of the best route runners.

WalterFootball and I also agree on one of Woods' downfalls: his frame. He's list here at 180 pounds, I've seen him listed at 190 as well. While Woods has decent size, he lacks the muscle needed to out-muscle press coverage. I, however, am not worried by this, since he could stand to add mass without affecting his speed.

I asked my boy 3k about Woods' potential ceiling and he said he see's him as a Reggie Wayne-esque receiver. I'd be more than happy to have that type of player catching passes from Sam Bradford.

Next we have USC safety TJ McDonald:

McDonald has a fantastic and versatile skill set. He has the speed to play free safety and cover a lot of ground in the deep part of the field. He does a good job of picking up receivers running deep and seldom ever gets beat in coverage. He also has good size and strength to play in the tackle box. He is a tough run defender that is adept at operating in the short part of the field.

Surprising as it may be, there are safeties that are actually able to play in pass coverage. We've been so accustomed to Craig Dahl his lack of everything concerning football. It's utterly sad.

In his three seasons as a starter, McDonald accumulated eight interceptions; two of those came this last season. At 6-3, 205, TJ is also big enough to handle man coverage against tight ends, and we know how tight ends have burned us in previous seasons. McDonald is also a good run defender which is good considering the run-centric teams within our division (SF and SEA).

3k projects McDonald as a better version of our very own Quitin Mikell (I assume it's because TJ can be an asset in defending the pass).

As far as where the Rams could draft him, a second rounder can be justified. There are other safeties – Kenny Vaccaro (Texas), Eric Reid (LSU), Matt Elam (Florida) – that are getting the lion's share of the buzz, so it all depends how things shake out in the first round.

Of course, there are plenty of the combo picks the Rams can make. If the Jeff Fisher and Les Snead go with Warmack in the first round, his fellow line-mate DJ Fluker can be an option on Day 2. Gil Brandt has also mocked Alabama's running back, Eddie Laccy, to us at No. 16 (crazy).

So there's my homer picks. They aren't insanely unlikely, so I'm somewhat proud of that. What are some of your combo picks? Go at it in the comment section.

Let me know what y'all think. Hit me up on Twitter: @iAmEddieP_