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Random Ramsdom - Fresh Hot Links

The St. Louis Rams appear poised to make another big step forward in the off-season. But as many of us know, improvement in the NFL is far from a forgone conclusion.


Les Snead recently spent some time talking about the pressure and opportunity of owning so much draft capital over the next 2 years. He discussed how bad draft picks can set franchises back, and how good draft selections can propel it forwards. It makes sense, right? Rams fans should know all of this first hand. So far, Snead's track record is pretty good; however, the draft is routinely called a "crap shoot" for a reason. Every year is different, and Snead and Fisher will be expected to to upgrade the teams talent once again this year.

East-West Shrine Game

A gaggle of NFL prospects are in Florida this week for the annual Shrine Game. SB Nation is on the scene and pumping out plenty of updates, so check it out and be sure to follow @AlfieBCC who is covering the event.

The next NFL receiver from Mount Union

Mount Union has seemingly began to churn out NFL wide receivers, as Jasper Collins tries to follow in the footsteps of Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts on his way to the NFL.

Mark your calendars:

For those that missed it, one of our writers put together a great calendar of upcoming off-season events. This is the kind of page that you bookmark.

5 Players the Rams should cut?

Tyson Langford provides an opinion on who he thinks the Rams should cut ties with this off-season, and there are a few surprises. The debate over Steven Jackson is an old one. It's easy to see both sides of the argument, and ultimately that usually means it will come down to the money. It's very hard to predict what will happen to Jackson, but some of the others is quite easy.

Craig Dahl is an easy target, and in fact if he's affordable he wouldn't be terrible to keep for special teams. But he doesn't meet the criteria for a young, athletic team. I think he will likely lose his job as a backup to a rookie or someone like Rodney Mcleod. Finally, I can see both Wayne Hunter and Harvey Dahl back in Rams uniforms next year. Perhaps both restructure some items on their contract. Either way, anytime you lose someone you must replace them, and contrary to popular belief the grass isn't always greener, especially when you're talking about depth.

Will the Rams be playing in Maryland Heights in a few years?

At this point it is hard to rule just about any St. Louis location out as potential home for the Rams. It seems that when appearing in public, Kevin Demoff has tipped off that he would like to see creative approaches utilized to find a new home for the Rams in St. Louis. To me, renovating the Edward Jones dome is not creative. Building a new stadium in a new location is creative. We will have to wait and see how this plays out over the next 12 months.

An interesting breakdown on the Rams 2012 draft:

Measuring the past is often the best way to predict the future. The Rams had a good draft by most accounts, but there are certainly some retrospective areas of debate.

Speaking of the draft, who are some underclassman sleepers to watch out for:

Sports Illustrated does a great job breaking down some of this years best underclassman talent. Are any of these guys a fit for the Rams? This is the second time I've heard someone compare Stepfan Jefferson to Alfred Morris, so he may be someone to watch.

Stay classy Rams fans.