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St. Louis Rams - Turf Show Times Has Your Off Season Covered!

Rams fans are excited about their team's future, and rightfully so. This off season presents an opportunity to make a leap into the land of being an NFL contender in 2013. While Ryan tracks the Rams every move in the news, the rest of us here at TST will be expanding your daily read to cover the long list of things Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have planned.


Joe (3k) McAtee will lead the way, and prove once again why TST is one of the premier NFL Draft sites. Our Mock Drafts - inspired by many years of high Rams' draft picks - have become near legendary. If you don't know, 3k has a gang of Mock Draft fanatics here, who help him track every college player down to their shoe sizes. We'll have up to the minute coverage of the NFL Combine so our Mock's can be shuffled in an instant.

We'll be dissecting every player on the Rams' roster, and evaluating the list of free agents available this year. Feel free to dive in and write fan posts about players you think should remain on the roster, or should be given the o' boot. If there's a free agent you think is a great fit, let us know. This community is about sharing thoughts, opinions, and in Ramdude's case: recipes for great barbecue.

The Rams' new defensive coordinator - whoever he may be - will get a heavy dose of evaluation too. If it's Rob Ryan, I can safely say the staff here will be in content heaven. "Fat guys with Zeusian hair" make for easy writing...

Photo cation contests will be back after the Super Bowl, as well as a few Front Office Fictions. So stay tuned, and make sure to follow everyone on the staff with one of those Twitter-Babble accounts.