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The 2012 Turf Show Times MVP- The Winner Is...

Sam Greenwood

The results for the Turf Show Times MVP Award are in! And the winner is...Sam Bradford! The voting was very close with Steven Jackson, but Sam edged him by only 6 votes. Chris Long, our MVP last season, finished a distant third, but we all know it's an amazing honor to even be nominated.

Sam did not have a tremendous year for a QB. He finished with 3,702 yards, 21 TD and 13 INT, very middle of the road numbers. Our readers decided this did not matter. He was the most valuable player on the team, because of the importance of the QB position in the NFL.

Congratulations to Sam Bradford on winning this prestigious award! It is the second most valuable award us staff can give here at Turf Show Times, only trailing the 3k stamp of approval....


* Side note: Only 3k can approve uses of the stamp of approval. If you use it, 3k's cousin has other uses for this bat...


Mr. Bradford, if you happen to find a suspect package wrapped in newspaper and duct tape, fear not! It is your prize as our MVP. Ryan has sent you either two year old hot wings, hipster glasses without lenses, or cheep, a half empty bottle of bourbon, or possibly the jackpot of all three!

Again, congrats to Sam and a huge thank you to all who voted! I can not stress this enough, you guys are simply the best!