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St. Louis Rams: Tuesday Links

The Seahawks lost, but the 49ers moved on. Russell Wilson finished his season with a phenomenal performance, while Kaepernick's continues. Rams fans can only hope to join the playoff party next season.

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If I learned one thing from the playoff games, it's that I'm not emotionally prepared for a Rams playoff run. I am not ready. Are you?

East West Shrine Game - Draft, draft, draft and more draft. The East West Shrine game is full of names Rams fans should keep an eye on. We will see some draft board movement from no until the draft with the all-star games and the combine approaching.

It's a QB's World - Bryan Burwell and Tony Softli discuss why the NFL is a "quarterback league." Groundbreaking material here guys. Softli breaks down the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs.

Matt Miller's Mock Draft - Matt Miller of the Bleacher Report put out a 2 round mock yesterday. It was a unique mock from the Rams perspective. Miller had the Rams starting out the drafting OT Dallas Thomas from Tennessee. With the Rams 2nd first round pick Miller mocked the Rams taking WR Keenan Allen out of Cal. Miller also includes 2nd round selections.

PFF's ALL-NFC West Team - Forget about All-Pro, the Rams landed just two players on ProFootballFocus' All-NFC West Team. Two. I bet you can't guess both of them right. I believe this points to the Rams lack of top-level talent, but I've been killed for that stance once already.

Draft Goodness - More draft goodness over at Ramsherd. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting also weighs in.