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NFL Playoffs: Patriots vs. Houston Game Thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Upsets seem to be the rules of the day in the playoffs this season. First, the Ravens surprise a heavily favored Denver Broncos team, then the fading 49ers regroup to absolutely smash the Packers. Today we saw a brilliant comeback fall short as the Atlanta Falcons broke their post season slump.

Is it possible for the Houston Texans to go into New England and win? I guess it is, but the odds have to be long. They'll face a well rested Tom Brady on his home turf. Rob Gronkowski is back after a lighting fast recovery from a broken arm. The Patriots will have most - if not all - of their offensive weapons available today.

Houston broke out of their doldrums last week against Cincinnati, and Arian Foster could be a key for the Texans' chances. Matt Schaab will have ever Texas eye upon him, as Houston drives hard for the AFC Championship game next week.

Enjoy the game!