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Brian Schottenheimer rumors: Jaguars will interview Rams OC this week

And what happens if the Rams do lose their offensive coordinator?


Rob Ryan isn't the only coaching news around the St. Louis Rams right now. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is in the mix for the head coaching job in Jacksonville, and Jim Thomas reports that the Jaguars will interview Schottenheimer early next week.

Does he have a chance at the job? Yes.

The presumptive favorite in Jacksonville is 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, whose stock went through the roof with last night's thrashing of the Packers. That might hinge on what the 49ers think about losing their offensive coordinator as Colin Kaepernick enters his first full season as the starting quarterback there.

Bernie Miklasz at the Post-Dispatch takes a look at the Rams OC situation in a Sunday morning column, pointing out Schottenheimer's offensive success, or lack thereof, makes him a bit of a stretch to get a bump up to head coach and the negative impact of Sam Bradford losing another offensive coordinator.

The Khans, owner Shad and his son Tony, are said to like Schottenheimer for his management ability, the knack for bringing multiple moving parts together into a whole, rather than his playbook and offensive results with the Jets and the Rams.

And what about the impact on Bradford, if Schottenheimer were to go? Logic says it wouldn't be a positive move, not after three seasons of revolving leadership and mixed results from the one-time first overall pick. Miklasz notes that a promotion from within, of QB coach Frank Cignetti, is unlikely.

There are a few coordinator candidates out there with a similar background to Schottenheimer's, including Hue Jackson and Cam Cameron. The continuity with the same QB coach could be on mitigating factor. Fisher says the system will not change, no matter who the offensive coordinator is. But all of it leads back to what would happen with the Rams quarterback. The truth is we don't know, but it certainly wouldn't appear to be a positive development.