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NFL Playoffs - 49ers vs. Packers Game Thread

Ezra Shaw

Aaron Rodgers and Co. travels to San Francisco tonight, and it could be a wild contest. The 49ers once dominant defense has stumbled a bit down the stretch. Lucky for them the Green Bay run game isn't all that good. Rodgers is the most sacked quarterback in the NFL this season - 51 times. San Francisco should be blitzing all night long.

Green Bay's offense has been slowed all season due to injuries at wide receiver, but they seemed to be getting healthy at the right time of year. Greg Jennings' return - and possibly his last season in the green and gold - gives Rodgers one of his best weapons back.

I have to think it would be a not-so-mild upset if the Packers can find their way to winning in Candle Stick Park. Hard to imagine the 49ers dropping a home contest, but it could happen...

Enjoy the game!