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NFL Playoffs: Ravens - Broncos Game Thread

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Can Baltimore continue to win in the post season with a banded up defense, and an offense led by Joe Flacco? They journey the Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado today for the second round of the NFL playoff. The heavily favored Broncos, led by Peyton Manning, are on a tear right now. It's hard to believe the team led by Tim Tebow last season is now the favorite to win the AFC and a Super Bowl trip.

Denver's defense has continued to get less press than whoever they have playing quarterback. Von Miller and crew are a dominant defense. The Ravens' once proud unit - led by Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs - is a shadow of what it was a few years ago. With Lewis retiring at the end of this season, and Suggs' injured arm being held together with duct tape, it's hard to image the Ravens' defense having a good day in Denver.

Look for manning to pass his way into the AFC Championship next week... Enjoy the game!