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Scouting Shakeup: Rams Fire Tenured Trio

In a surprisingly timed move, the Rams fired three scouts, two of which had more than a decade of experience with the team.


Well, how about some actual breaking news on a Friday night...

The Rams have fired three scouts with just months to go to the 2013 NFL Draft.

The timing is the most interesting aspect here. Most teams have a fairly well-developed board at this point, though there are plenty of names that will still be tacked on as well as plenty of evaluation throughout the draft season (read: pro days, games and the combine).

The biggest name among the three is John Mancini, promoted to director of college scouting in 2010 under Billy Devaney. Mancini's time with the Rams goes all the way back to their first season in St. Louis when he was in the ticketing department. Luke Driscoll was also let go; his time with the Rams goes back 13 years. Drew Casani, the last of the three dismissed scouts, had four years of experience with the Rams.

How this affects the draft process is anyone's guess. I'm not familiar of a similar situation in terms of the timing, but I'd be surprised if it was entirely unprecedented.

In any case, with the movement on the defensive side of the coaching staff and some changes in the scouting hierarchy, Fisher and Snead are obviously comfortable adding a degree of difficulty to their second offseason with the Rams.

Time will tell if they come anywhere close to as much success in the second round as they did last year..