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2013 NFL Draft

Content related to the 2013 NFL Draft.

A look at the Rams options for round three

The second day has been a quiet one for the Rams so far. Expect that to change.

2013 NFL Draft: 1st Round Open Thread No. 1

Come and discuss the draft with the best community of Rams fans.

This stream has:

Rams roll into day 2

The St. Louis Rams wheeled and dealt their way through the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. What will Les Snead do on the second day?

Can the Rams get Tavon Austin?

Can the Rams get their hands on the speedy wide receiver from West Virginia? We walk you through the steps.

Rams draft crushes

Tevin reveals his draft crushes that the Rams could draft.

Draft day live blog

It's kind of a busy day, so follow along with us right here.

2013 NFL Draft Schedule

All the details on the 2013 NFL Draft left uncovered.

GM Les Snead To Trade With His Old Team?

The Atlanta Falcons look like they could be a likely trade partner with the Rams at pick 22.

Rams ready to deal No. 22?

We know Les Snead isn't afraid to make a move. Will he do it again this year?

The TST writers make their selections for pick 16

It's time for the draft, let's take a gander at who the Turfshowtimes staff members like at pick 16.

Are You Ready?

The St. Louis Rams impressed you in 2012’s NFL Draft. They turned picks into more picks. They turned more picks into starting rookies. The Rams made a statement last year. The importance of what occurs tonight cannot be understated…

2013 NFL Draft: Draft Eve Hangout

With less than 24 hours to go ahead of the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, Ryan Van Bibber and 3k talk rumors, Tyrann Mathieu's draft party and everything else draft.

Possible "Shocking" Rams' 1st Rd Draft Picks?

The Rams most likely don't agree with our evaluations on many players, so there's a chance their selection will be a surprise. Here's a list of players who could shock you if the Rams drafted them...

Holding the Keystone

The Rams own the centerpoint of the 1st round of the 2013 NFL Draft thanks to the 16th and 22nd picks. That creates three scenarios, all of which impact the Rams and the NFL as a whole.

NFL Draft: Three Picks, Two Opinions

In an ever ceasing quest to jumble your brains before NFL Draft day, Brandon Bate and I have come up with a small twist to boggle, amaze, and dare I say - piss you off?

Painting the perfect picture for the Rams

With the 2013 NFL Draft just around the corner, lets squeeze one more Rams mock draft.

Ziggy Ansah has something big for you

If you know what I mean.

One more time with Kiper, McShay

The big dogs have released one last look at the draft. How do the Rams do in this version?

1 Day: 1st Rounders

The 2013 NFL Draft is only one more day away. It’s time to celebrate! Let’s do so by taking a look at what the Rams have done while on the clock in the 1st round over the past 30 years.

2013 NFL Draft: If WR and OL Are Off The Board?

This class has a crowd of "potential/high-ceiling" players. It's going to be a gambler's NFL Draft, with the Cordarrelle Patterson-s, Bjoern Werner-s and Geno Smith-s skewing the odds more than just a little.

NFL Draft: History of Pick 22

The Rams are hoping that the 22nd selection turns out better than it has in the past.

Rams interested in Lattimore

St. Louis is one of five teams that have the most interest in the South Carolina running back.

Picking for the Rams

I represented the Rams in a mock draft for CBS Sports recently. Hope you like the picks.

NFL Draft 2013: History of Pick 16

The 16th pick of the NFL draft reminds us of Jeff Fisher's draft successes.

Cosell mocks the Rams

The NFL Films guru rolled out his mock draft this week.

2 Days: 2nd Rounders

As the 2013 NFL Draft Countdown Series continues, take a look at what the St. Louis Rams have done in the 2nd round of the draft since 1985.

Rams like Wingo?

The Rams like big backs, and it's just no lie.

Is a trade up worth it for the Rams?

There is growing speculation that the Rams could move up in the draft. Is it worth it?

Day two options at wide receiver

The Rams need to find help at receiver. Can they find it in the second and third rounds of the draft?

A sneak peak for the Rams?

One mock draft looks very much like what the Rams could be thinking for their first-round picks.

Rams down to two?

Les Snead is down to two choices for which receiver to take in the first round.

Rams ready to deal?

The 2013 NFL Draft is this week. Will Rams GM Les Snead do more wheeling and dealing?

4 Days: 4th Rounders

As the days remaining until the NFL Draft count down, so do the historical picks [by round] of the St. Louis Rams. We’ve only got four more days…meet your 4th round selections.

5 Days: 5th Rounders

We’ve got FIVE more days until the 2013 NFL Draft. The Rams moved back to St. Louis in 1995… how’ve they done drafting players in the 5th round?

6 days: 6th Rounders

We’ve got SIX more days until the 2013 NFL Draft. In the spirit of the draft holiday season, let’s take a look at how the Rams have done in the 6th round in recent history.

7 Days: 7th Rounders

Take a look at what the Rams have done with their 7th round selections since moving back to St. Louis in 1985. Also, stick around, because we’ll be highlighting a new round every day until Draft day.


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