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Deep Thoughts With D. Hawk

Our judgements made in the blink of an eye are correct more often than not. Ever looked back on something and said, "I wish I would have trusted my first answer"?


I laid in bed last night going over what had just happened and what could happen in the next few days and realized the reason I love the draft is because it's elegantly complex. Thousands of different pieces of thread are tirelessly worked on; weaved in and out until something emerges at the end. That something can end up being beautiful - like last years draft - or it could end up tangled and in the trash like almost every other Rams draft.

Here are some of my musings:

1. Les Snead and Jeff Fisher Ain't Ever Scared - After the Rams traded up in order to take Tavon Austin and then drafted polarizing Georgia linebacker, Alec Ogletree, Bone Crushers - Never Scared, seemed like the Rams War Room theme song. In years past... Rams fans have been subjected to their team settling for the safe pick. Gone are those days. Les Snead and Jeff Fisher aren't afraid of taking chances and I love it.

2. Fisher trusts his coaches - Alec Ogletree and Tavon Austin will both rely on an ample amount of coaching. Austin is the type of player who requires a certain level of creativity in order for him to be used effectively. Ogletree on the other hand, has all the athleticism one would hope for in an outside linebacker, but lacks the necessary technique to be considered a complete player. By taking these two players, Fisher made it very clear that he believes Schottenheimer and the offensive staff can properly utilize Austin's abilities and linebackers coach, Frank Bush, can develop Ogletree's already considerable abilities.

3. Need/Divisional Opponents/and BPA All Merged Last Night - The stars didn't align themselves for the Rams last night - Les Snead MADE them align. Instead of waiting for "their guy" at 16, the Rams were proactive and took the bull by the horns. Tavon Austin and Alec Ogletree fit the Rams on several different levels. Both players were positions of need for the Rams, and each was considered to be a top player at their respective position. Ogletree and Austin also look to be perfect selections to combat the teams within the Rams division.

Alec Ogletree is the right pick for a team that goes up against two read-option based teams. He thrives in space, possessing the speed and agility to go sideline-to-sideline.

Tavon Austin will be mismatched with the large corners in the NFC West. Tavon's agility will make it near impossible for larger corners to get their mitts on him at the line of scrimmage. And once in space, large defensive backs will struggle to breakdown and wrap-up this University of West Virginia human joystick.

4. Rams nation hasn't been this excited in a long time - Last night was an amazing night to be a Rams fan. The buzz was infectious. The Rams are back, and I'm just glad people are here to witness it.

5. No 2nd, No Worries - I think Fisher and Snead played this perfect. The second round should see a run on cornerbacks and wide receivers which should leave the Rams with plenty of options at positions of need. The Rams locked up two top players at their positions. Ogletree was my top rated OLB, and I believe the drop-off after Arthur Brown comes off the board is a big one. It seems as if - outside of Tavon Austin - the league may not have liked this wide receiver class as much as people speculated.

Thank you for being a part of the first ever Deep Thoughts With D. Hawk.