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College Open Thread - Sep. 29, Late Games

More college ball, more open thread. Late games include Florida State-South Florida, Texas-Oklahoma State, Louisville-Southern Miss, Wisconsin-Nebraska, Oregon State-Arizona, and Oregon-Washington State.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

#12 Texas at Oklahoma St. (7:50 p.m., FOX)

Here's UT's first big challenge of the season that opens a brutal four-game stretch: at OSU, and home games against West Virginia, Oklahoma and Baylor. DEs Jackson Jeffcoat and Alex Okafor will be prime draft names as could be CB Carrington Byndom. Rams fans need to get a good look at safety Kenny Vaccaro. Is he an oversized FS with plus run support? An undersized SS with plus pass defense? He certainly should be on your watchlist. RS Jr. G Mason Walters has great size, but plays slow. I'd say he's a prospect a shade above Rok Watkins.

Oklahoma State's starting CBs, Brodrick Brown and Justin Gilbert, will be in the mix. RB Joseph Randle is going to help someone out at the next level. Rams fans, though, need to key in on G Lane Taylor. Let's be honest though - with Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon leaving at the same time, there's a hole to fill. That means unseen prospects stepping up in that void just like Blackmon did when Dez Bryant leapt to the NFL.

Wisconsin at #22 Nebraska (8:00 p.m., ABC)

Simultaneous games? Yes, I went there.

OT Ricky Wagner, C/G Travis Frederick, OT Rob Havenstein, G Kyle Hostigan - oh you need an offensive lineman? On, Wisconsin.

On the other side, S Daimion Stafford and DT Baker Steinkuhler could be fits for the Rams. Offensive line is a strength for the Huskers too, though it's deep with mostly fringe guys.