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Rodger Saffold Injury: X-Rays Negative, Likely Has Neck Sprain

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The St. Louis Rams and left tackle Rodger Saffold dodged a huge bullet on Sunday. X-Rays on Saffold's neck came back negative. He likely suffered just a neck sprain, according to reports.

Saffold had a precautionary MRI, and he did not show signs of a more serious injury. Reports from the Rams locker room after the game said that Saffold was moving his limbs and that the team was encouraged by early signs from the starting left tackle.

The third-year offensive tackle was pushed into the back of another player on a third quarter play, one that resulted in a touchdown. He hit his neck on the other player and went down to the field. Trainers had to put him in a body brace and cart him off the field following the play.


It is unclear how much time Saffold could miss. Wayne Hunter replaced him on the left side after the injury.