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Rams Vs. Lions Inactives Include: Louis Delmas, Chris Houston

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The St. Louis Rams announced their inactive list, and rookie wide receiver Brian Quick was not on it. There was some consternation that Quick would not be playing against the Lions on Sunday. The fact that he is on the game day active list probably signals that he will see a few passes come him way, according to Jeff Fisher's stated practices for putting players in the lineup.

Three members of the inactive list comes from the Rams injured group of defensive tackles. Here's the group.

I'm a little surprised that Ganaway is on the bench, but he was a late pickup that didn't get much practice with the team that already has a deep bench at running back.

The Lions will be without Louis Delmas and Chris Houston, two of their starting defensive backs. They will also be without Ryan Broyles, which leaves them short, but still very deep, at receiver.

Too bad Calvin Johnson didn't get lost on his way to the game.