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Rams Vs. Lions, Week 1 Game Thread

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Happy Sunday everyone! More importantly, happy first day of the Jeff Fisher era St. Louis Rams ... or something like that. It just doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily and the other. Regardless of what you put on the Hallmark cards, it's the first day of a new season, and the St. Louis Rams open on the road with a pretty tough test against a Detroit Lions team that scored upteen million points last year.

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I never know what to write in these threads, but I can say that I am genuinely excited. This time things just feel different.

No, the Rams probably aren't going to the Super Bowl this year. I am hopeful, but not stupid. They will improve on the past, and that's a big start.

The team's strides in the draft are bettered only by their work off the field, the front office's works to re-engage an alienated fan base. Hell, at one point in time the team did not allow fans to watch practices at training camp. Considering where everything else is at, that's worth a few wins alone.

Enjoy the game, follow along. I should have some GIFs and other fun stuff to share.