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TST Roundtable: What Will Be The Rams Record This Season

Had to do it again.
Had to do it again.

It's Week 1, the beginning of what could be a good season, or it could end up being the same old story for the Rams, where they have another losing record and a top five pick.

Hopefully with Jeff Fisher and Les Snead those days are over, but this is still a Rams team that went 2-14 last season. Even though this is a new regime with new and younger players, there's still that feeling that the Rams will be the Rams.

If the Rams can achieve a winning season this year, that could be the turning point needed to help this franchise not only be good, but have a home in Saint Louis.

So after the jump, let's see what the writers think the Rams 2013 record will be.

VTramsFan @PeterDunbar

I was saying 6 games, but I think i'm going to drop that to 5. I do think we'll be a bit more competitive and show signs of a team heading in the right direction.


Let's's difficult to speculate based on how different our team looks this year, and with limited preseason playing time for the starters. I'll go with 6, but I could easily see it swing one game in either direction

Rick Siegel @RSiegel81

They will be much more competitive this season, just by virtue of switching coaches. But they don't have the talent to beat any decent teams yet. They would probably have a better chance of having a good season if not for giving up a home game to London, but that has never worked out for the team giving up a home game. I think they will win five games, Washington, Arizona, at Miami, Jets, Minnesota.

Josh Wehrle @jmwehrle

Somewhere in the neighborhood of five games.

Joe Mazzi @Joe__Mazzi

I'm going with a highly optimistic 7-9 final record, which could vie with the Seattle Seahawks for second place in the NFC West. Unfortunately, yet another double-digit loss season seems pretty feasible. The Rams can impress and turn a few heads this season, but they won't be dropping any jaws.

Eddie P @iAmMrEddieP

Umm, they can beat AZ twice, Maybe the Redskins if rookie QB sensation RGIII struggles, MIA maybe (believe it or not, they're WR picture is worst than ours), I'd give hem a game versus Seattle. 7 wins tops. Speaking optimistically.

3K @3k_

guys, I think we get 4 non-divisional wins: Washington (home, week 2), at Miami (away, week 6), New York Jets (home, week 11), Minnesota (home, week 15). The trip to Buffalo might get us a win. Can we go .500 in division play? I think so. I'll go a bit safe and say 6-10, though I'd put a 9-7 ceiling on the season.

Brandon Birkhead @birktothehead


Papapegasus @ Papapegasus

The Rams will have wins against, Washington, Seattle, Arizona (twice), San Francisco, New York, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay. 8-8 on the year will be a great finish for the bottom of the barrel Rams.

DouglasM @Thenovelroad

#Note by Tevin. I don't know what the hell Doug is talking about, so I'm guessing 21 wins from him.

6 - I think they'll be spread out in the schedule too. This has as much to do with how young the Rams are as a team as anything else. Each game will be a learning experience in adjustment to the speed of the NFL for the virtual cloud of rookies who'll be on the roster. I think we as fans are going to be teased by the games the Rams win. They'll look great for a game, and we'll all be saying "That's what I'm talkin' about!", to be followed by mind numbing blowouts against teams we thought were easy wins. We'll see lots of bright spots, and quite a few players who'll have us diving into Mock Drafts to find their replacement... Sound familar? I love being a Rams fan! :-)

Mike D dvond

They will win 4 games, too much youth and not enough talent

Tevin Broner

7, because if we could do it Sam's first year, we can do it this year.