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Overturned Saints Suspensions Do Not Apply To Gregg Williams, Sean Payton & Joe Vitt

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The four players suspended in the wake of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal had their suspensions lifted by an internal appeals panel that is part of the league's collective bargaining agreement with the players' union. Gregg Williams and the other coaches are still suspended as they are not covered by the CBA.

Rumors about a potential Williams return to coaching have circulated in recent months since the suspension. There have even been a few unconfirmed rumors come our way that the Rams are keeping a spot warm for Williams in their own coaching ranks, believing that he will be reinstated on good behavior.

All of it is rumor at this point. The most interesting rumor is that Blake Williams, now the Rams' linebackers coach, is being groomed to take over the defensive coordinator role based on his work since joining the Rams' staff. The younger Williams has handled much of the play calling for the defense, under the watchful eye of Dave McGinnis.