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Random Ramsdom for Friday 9/7/2012: 19 Inches of Terror, Young and the Restless, and Weapons Basics Ignored


Happy Happy Friday Rams Fans! In just over 24 hours the countdown to kickoff for the 2012 Ram Season will begin! I'm so excited I couldn't help but share with you my attempt at the Fisher Stache.


Yeah, it may not be as immaculate as Jeff's, but it's a good start. Too bad I'll have to shave it off when I get back to work on the 19th. Dad gum regulations and what not. Oh well, on to bigger and brighter things, like this random shot of bikini clad boaters who end up flipping head over hills for no good reason: Turbulence in Missouri Just click on it. Wow!

Also check here.

On with the show folks!

Fisher and company realize they are dealing with a young team. After all, they made it that way. Fisher is tempering expectations with the reality of the situation. But don't mistake tempering to equate to losing. Fisher fully intends to push his team to compete every down, every game, all season long. When asked about the young team Fisher had this to say,
"Nothing changes. You take the same approach preparation-wise, you just have to maybe spend a little extra time with the younger guys to let them know what the regular season is all about," Fisher said. "With 17 rookies on this roster, there’s a good chance that quite a few of them are going to be in this ballgame."

When approached about the same subject, veteran defensive end Chris Long said,

"One thing about being young is you’re not afraid of anything. You’re not afraid of losing," Long said. "They haven’t been through the downs, so that’s kind of nice. We’re going into this thing fearlessly in Week 1."

The team is young and inexperienced, but don't let that fool you. The team that sleeps on the Rams will be a team that chalks up a loss on Sunday.

Speaking of losses, did anyone check out the Cowboys vs Giants game on Wednesday. The Giants made Tony Romo look like Tom Brady circa 2007. Here is a write up in case you were too busy to catch the game or have lived under a rock and failed to read an article or recap before today.

India Football is Here!
Our very own Ramsfanindia posted this a few days ago. If you haven't checked it out you haven't lived good sir! Click on some of the videos. There is a scrimmage that's about 45 minutes long. I personally watched about 10 minutes of it. Whew! For all the hilarity with the American announcer explaining the basic rules of football, the guys on the field are pumped up and excited to be there. For sure, there is little talent here, but it is entertaining, and it's good to see the game spreading around the world. Maybe one day we will have a real "World Championship" game.

Simple Rules to Follow
I am sure by now you are a Zombie Apocalypse survival expert, but just in case you aren't, here are some common sense rules to follow. Of course, common sense isn't so common now days, so click on the link. Unless of course you're Chuck Norris, in which case, I am sorry for insinuating you don't have common sense. Please do not flame me with your laser beam shooting eyes.

Speaking of the Supreme Being
Click away for more facts about the redheaded fox than you can shake a stick at.

Weekly Candy
Pick your jaw up off the floor gentlemen.

19 Inches
Warning: Not work appropriate! Nah, just kidding. Imagine the size of the bass you could catch with this monster!

Stafford Now a Star
I have to say, I wish Sam Bradford had enough exposure to star in his own commercials. I have no great love for any other quarterbacks around the league however. Funny commercial nonetheless.

Video Time:

As a Jeep owner and frequent off-road enthusiast, this is painful to watch. I can't stop watching though!

Off Their Rockers:

Fire at Your Own Risk

And lastly, your weekly RATM:

I hope you enjoy your day and enjoy the weekend. GO RAMS!