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NFL Picks, Week 1: Take My Advice & Don't Blame Me


The first week of the NFL season is upon us, and I thought that it would be a fine time to share my picks for all the games this week. Obviously, we'll have to skip last night's game. Besides, I had the Cowboys in that one ... yeah, that's the ticket.

TST will have the regular weekly picks post from last season too, opening it up to the community. Our staff is putting that together now. In the meantime, digest these picks.

I'll use the handy, dandy rankings for this week's games that I put together on Thursday for SB Nation.

49ers Vs. Packers

I'm going with the Packers, but that defense could be a problem for Aaron Rodger and Co.

Bills Vs. Jets

I so want the Bills to win. I suspect with such a fearsome front four, led my Mario Williams, harassing Jason Smith and whatever awful quarterback the Jets use, the Bills will win.

Bengals Vs. Ravens

Is this a potential preview for the AFC North? I don't think the Bengals are quite there yet. Take the Ravens.

Colts Vs. Bears

I see the Bears as a team that will either finish with 11 wins or 4. That defense will still give Andrew Luck a nice welcome to the NFL.

Falcons Vs. Chiefs

Is this going to be a big year for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones? I think so, and I think they beat up on the Chiefs this week.

Steelers Vs. Broncos

It's hard to get a read on Peyton Manning. If he is 85 percent of his old self, he could pick apart an aging Steelers team. I still think the Steelers win this one.

Redskins Vs. Saints

This could be a pretty high scoring affair if RGIII is firing on all cylinders. The Saints still have Drew Brees and thus the ability to score 40 points at will. New Orleans wins.

Eagles Vs. Browns

Oh the Browns. On the other hand, I can definitely see another Eagles collapse this season. Not this week though.

Dolphins Vs. Texans

Another tough welcome for a rookie quarterback. Houston should have this one in the bag by halftime.

Patriots Vs. Titans

Not that I think the Titans are a particularly bad team, but they're not ready to beat a Patriots team on an 8-game win streak in season openers.

Panthers Vs. Buccaneers

This game is blacked out. Blacked out and Tampa took advantage of the 85 percent rule from the NFL this year to avoid this very situation. Great start for Schiano. Cam Newton runs wild here.

Rams Vs. Lions

Uh ... I'm going to put on my homer hat since I'm on my home court here and pick the Rams. Probably is not going to happen, but I have to think they have a fighting chance.

Chargers Vs. Raiders

Everyone's a loser in this game. Will one of these teams end up in L.A.? Not this week at least, and the Chargers will win big behind a rejuvenated Philip Rivers.

Jaguars Vs. Vikings

I think the Jaguars are going to be a better team this year, really. They get a win here.

Seahawks Vs. Cardinals

Arizona is on the fast track to the top pick and organizational turnover. It's criminal the kind of neglect they've given to that offensive line. Seattle will stomp them with that defense.