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2012 St. Louis Rams Predictions: Robert Quinn


If you buy into preseason statistics, it was a very good summer for St. Louis Rams second-year defensive end Robert Quinn. He had three sacks and a forced fumble in limited playing time through four games. More impressive than the numbers was just how determined he looked, like a man on a mission. This could be a very good year for Robert Quinn.

Quinn's technique looked refined over what was a solid rookie debut last season. In limited duty last season, Quinn generated 36 pressures on opposing quarterbacks, according to Pro Football Focus. That includes six sacks.

In the preseason, Quinn played like a man possessed. His speed was second to none on the defensive line, and with extra attention coming Chris Long's way, Quinn was usually left with a lone offensive tackle. Whatever rust he had collected after sitting out his final season at UNC is long gone, and he can do more than just his effective outside rip that made him such a coveted prospect.



Defenses used to take Chris Long lightly at their own peril, but the secret's out that Long is one of the league's premier pass rushers. The middle of the line should help Quinn too, with Kendall Langford and Michael Brockers, once he's healthy, able to generate pressure.

All told, I think Quinn will finish the season with 11 sacks.

So, give us your prediction for how many sacks Robert Quinn will have this season?