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Michael Brockers Injury: Ravens Lineman Fined $8,000 For Illegal Block

Justice delayed is still justice ... or something like that. The NFL slapped Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Ramon Harewood with an $8,000 fine for his blatantly illegal block on St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers in last week's preseason finale.

Here's a GIF of that hit in which you can plainly see Brockers was the victim of a high/low combination block.


Harewood was not flagged for the block. Apparently, it was just a little too obvious, what with the sight of him diving onto Brockers' ankle and all, for the replacement referees.

And don't blame Harewood's inexperience. This is his third season in the NFL. He was a sixth-round draft pick from Morehouse State. He is expected to appeal the fine.

Brockers suffered an ankle sprain on the hit, an injury that will keep him out somewhere between two and four weeks to start the season. It could have been worse. He was thought to have a high ankle sprain in early conflicting reports.